Baccarat with a Live Dealer

Many of the best internet gambling establishments feature live dealer baccarat games. Online gambling has leveled the playing field for high-stakes games like baccarat, which were once reserved for the wealthy. Even better, with live dealer baccarat, you can play from the comfort of your own home thanks to webcams and streaming video.

As part of their efforts to draw in new customers, several online casinos now provide live dealer games. Live dealer casinos aim to provide players with the most authentic casino experience possible. Players are able to experience the thrill of live casino games from the comfort of their own homes thanks to webcams, live video streaming, and live dealers.


Live dealer baccarat tables, as the name implies, have actual human dealers and physical card tables. If you want to gamble but don’t feel like leaving the house, this is the next best thing.


The game can be enjoyed without the use of a webcam or any other external device. Go to the casino’s website and navigate to the “live dealer” section. After that, clicking “baccarat” will take you to a screen where you may see a live feed of the table. Normal button-clicking is used to select wager types and amounts on the screen. The dealer will observe your decisions and act on them by making bets.


The tables at a live dealer baccarat casino can only be played at once. You won’t be caught on camera when you play, so you can enjoy complete anonymity. Having a webcam and playing in real time are not necessities for engaging in conversation with the dealers. It’s entertaining to keep an eye on the dealer, and it’s nice to play in the privacy of one’s own house without worrying about prying eyes.


The dealer will proceed with the game as usual once the bets have been placed. If you bet “banker,” the dealer will indicate that spot on the table with a marker. The dealer will deal the cards as usual after the other players have placed their bets. The dealer will make a note of your winning stake and immediately add the funds to your account.


Places to Have Fun

I’ve observed that most places where you may bet on sports, play casino games, and other bets all in one place are also home to live dealer games. Examples of these comprehensive gaming portals include and


The games of pure casinos like Lucky Red and Sun Palace are limited to the standard fare of casinos. Therefore, the best places to play live dealer baccarat are in casinos that also house sportsbooks. In particular, I have two suggestions:


Play at 5Dimes Casino if you’re in the US!

Bet365 Casino, for players outside the US.

You can play this game at other casinos, but these are my favorites. Both are great people, and I can attest that they treat gamers fairly. When choosing a site to play at with actual money, trustworthiness is my top priority. It’s important to me that my funds are secure, and that any winnings will be paid out.


You may play real money baccarat with a live dealer at each of these casinos. Daily, all week long service is provided. Like in real casinos, the dealer staff works in shifts. You can play at any time, from any location, on any device. While the experience isn’t quite the same as being at a physical casino, it is much more accessible.


Real Money Gambling

You should know that you may only wager real money on live dealer games. There isn’t a single website where you can play live dealer games with fake chips that I’m aware of. Since each dealer has a limited number of available seats, only those who are betting real money are allowed to play. More than that, the casino must compensate each dealer with a salary.


Live dealer games are a great entry point for those who are wary about playing casino games online for real money. You can observe the dealers at work even if you can’t participate. You can see that the cards are dealt and the outcomes of your bets are updated in real time.


In a live dealer baccarat game, the dealer will physically reposition chips to reflect your wager. After each hand, the dealer will return each player’s bet to their account. Like other online games, your winnings are distributed instantly.


Knowing that baccarat technique is consistent regardless of whether you play at a live dealer casino or a traditional gambling site can be of some assistance. Make as many banker bets as possible and never a tie bet. The baccarat house edge is the same in both online and brick-and-mortar establishments.


Prototype Video

Embedded below is a video I shot while gambling at This video is brief, but it will give you an idea of what to expect. It’s my fault that the quality isn’t superb. When you’re signed in and taking part in the game, the video feed looks fantastic.


Please be aware that the video quality at the other sites I mention will be higher than at, which I no longer recommend to players in the United States. However, there is not much of a distinction between the various casinos. All live dealer sites provide about the same experience.


Take note of the TV in the corner. The same thing occurred to me. It seems like a live news feed that has been strategically placed to give the impression that the events are unfolding in real time. Smart thinking.


Positives and Negatives

Playing live dealer baccarat online for real money has a few benefits and drawbacks. The benefits, which include interacting with real people and witnessing the sports live, should be immediately apparent. You may play casino games without blindly trusting RNGs and auto-dealing software when you play a live dealer game.


The main drawback is a little slowdown in game pace. The dealer’s time is spent dealing cards and taking bets from each player. The software used in regular online baccarat games shuffles the cards and settles bets instantaneously, greatly increasing the speed at which the game can be played.


However, I believe the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. The pace of the game may slow down a bit, but the more authentic casino feel is well worth the wait. Since the pace of the game is slower, you also spend less money per hour. If you always bet the minimum, the dealers will treat you the same. It’s enjoyable regardless of stakes.


If you’re interested in trying out live dealer baccarat, you can do so at any of the aforementioned gambling establishments. Since live dealer games are not available in the no-download version of those casinos, you will be required to download the software. Simply create an account and make a deposit after installing the casino software.






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