The VikingLotto: Rules, Cost, and Odds

How to Participate in VikingLotto?

If you have participated in other multi-national European lotteries such as EuroMillions and Eurojackpot, you are familiar with real-money online lottery activities. Therefore, you should have little difficulty understanding the principles and gameplay of VikingLotto. The initial procedures are nearly identical.

Selecting your numbers online or at a VikingLotto retail location is the initial step. You must choose six numbers between 1-48, plus one “Viking” number between 1-8.


Because the raw and Viking numbers are drawn from separate and distinct pools, it is possible to select the same number twice. The computer system can generate these numbers automatically, or you can manually select them.


Additionally, you may enter multiple drawings with the same ticket. Additionally, you can make a system registration or system wager. A system wager consists of selecting multiple number combinations. After making your selections, there is nothing left to do but safeguard your ticket and await the draw. The remainder depends on your fate.


Norms of the VikingLotto

You must fulfill the minimum age requirement to participate in VikingLotto. You must be at least 18 years of age, unless you reside in Estonia or Lithuania. Those who reside in these two countries and are at least 16 years old may participate.


If you are of legal age, you may purchase a VikingLotto ticket. After purchasing a ticket, you must match all of the numbers to receive the jackpot prize. Correctly identifying the five numbers and the Viking number will win the windfall.


If your Viking number was the only one that did not match, but the other five did, you are eligible for the second prize. In addition, special rules regulate the accumulation of the VikingLotto prize pool. They differ significantly from other European lotteries, such as EuroMillions and Eurojackpot.


The first (jackpot) and second (runner-up) prizes are split evenly among the participating nations. In other words, each nation contributes equally to the prize allocation and receives an equal portion of the prize. In contrast, the other reward tiers have prize pools and limits that are country-specific.

VikingLotto Jackpot


The quantity of the VikingLotto jackpot is not set in stone. It’s comparable to the majority of significant jackpots in this regard. However, it does provide a range for the jackpot amount to lie within. The guaranteed minimum jackpot reward is €3 million, and the maximum jackpot prize is €25 million.


Biggest Win Made

In 2016, the largest payout in the history of VikingLotto was split between two winning tickets. The lottery amount was approximately €44 million at the time. How was the jackpot worth €44 million when the maximum payout is €25 million? Because the €25 million limit was not implemented until 2021. Earlier in 2017, further €35 million limits were introduced. Therefore, it is probable that the €44 million jackpot record will not be broken. Unless, of course, the limit is lifted in the foreseeable future.


The outcomes of VikingLotto

The VikingLotto results are posted on the operator’s website almost immediately after each draw. Every Wednesday shortly after 20:00 CET, the drawings are held at the Norsk Tipping headquarters in Hamar, Norway. Local and national television stations may also air the drawing live. Additionally, you can readily check the results at a VikingLotto retail location. Generally, you will be able to view the results of the most recent and previous ninety drawings online.


How Can I Claim My VikingLotto Prize?

The VikingLotto claims procedure differs depending on whether the ticket was purchased online or in a physical store. In addition, the value of your prize. There are also several differencess in jurisdiction between the participating nations.


For instance, only Belgian participants can play online VikingLotto. Consequently, incentives can also be claimed exclusively online, regardless of their value. In contrast, in many countries, in fact, the vast majority of nations, you can also claim your reward at a retail location. However, you can typically only claim relatively modest amounts at retail locations. For instance, in Finland, you can only claim up to €9,999 at retail locations.


In general, the online method is cashless regardless of the quantity. When you receive a prize, your account will be updated automatically. Then you must conclude the online claims process, and the funds will be deposited into your bank account. For modest amounts, the retail location method is valid and convenient. However, you can also claim significant prizes at physical locations. In this case, prior arrangements must be made with the national lottery operators in your country.


Taxes Apply to These Prizes

In the majority of participating countries, there are no taxes on the prizes. This is one of the finest aspects of VikingLotto. There are only two exceptions: Latvia and Slovenia. Below €3,000, profits in Latvia are tax-free. The tax rate on winnings between €3,000 and €55,000 is 23%. If your profits exceed €55,000, the applicable tax rate is 31.4%. In contrast, Slovenia taxes all proceeds over €300 at 15%.


One more item must be remembered. Since prizes can only be claimed in the country where the ticket was purchased, you must adhere to its tax regulations. However, there is nothing for you to be overly concerned about. The lottery is accountable for interacting with revenue authorities.

Our Opinion on VikingLotto


If you reside in one of the participating nations, VikingLotto is one of your finest gambling options. You will enjoy it especially if you prefer playing the best online casino games. If you win the jackpot, you are guaranteed to become a millionaire, and you may not even be required to pay taxes on your winnings. And you can strike it rich with a single €1 ticket, so gamble responsibly and don’t exceed reasonable limits.


VikingLotto FAQs

Below are concise responses to the most frequently asked queries about VikingLotto.


When is the next VikingLotto drawing?


Drawings for VikingLotto occur every Wednesday shortly after 20:00 CET. You can view the results shortly thereafter on their website. You may even be able to view the live broadcasts on national or local television.


Who is the VikingLotto owner?


The VikingLotto is jointly owned and administered by the national lotteries of the participating nations. They include entities such as Norsk Tipping and the Belgian National Lottery, among others.


How likely are you to win the VikingLotto?


The odds of obtaining the VikingLotto jackpot prize are 1 in 61,357,560. In contrast, the odds of winning any of the eight lottery prizes are 1 in 21.






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